Upcycling: The way forward for the 21st Century

For those that have not heard of Upcycling, a word which is being used a lot more often recently, is where you turn a waste products or useless materials and convert them in to something useful and usable. It is about creating something which is wanted or needed from stuff which is unwanted.

The process of Upcycling is about giving something value. Creating, essentially, something from nothing. It is a new modern take on the old proverb one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure.

Here at Cullen’s we believe that making a healthy profit is not about ripping people off or making a fast buck. It is about sensible business decisions, excellent customer service, our team members all pitching in, and creating value for our customers. Therefore Upcycling suits our ethos perfectly.

Upcycling creates value where it once was not. Upcycling diverts items from landfill which can be turned in to something which people will treasure for years and years to come. Upcycling decreases the need for new resources, and therefore decreases the burden on our fragile environment.

In 2013, Cullen’s will be developing our Upcycling side of our business. Our team currently upcycles a limited number of products but we want to go further. The more we can divert from landfill, the more we can save for our customers. The more value we can create out of recreating waste products, the more we can save for our customers.

So if you are looking for a House Clearance company in London, Surrey, Kent or the South East, then choose Cullen’s Clearances. A company which is modernising its industry from the inside out.

Best wishes,

Director, Cullen’s Clearances Ltd.

P.S. Enjoy your Snow Day off!

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