Your Questions Answered

We've answered some of your frequently asked questions about our services, if you have any further questions please get in touch by email at [email protected] or by phone on 0800 033 7930.

  • What items can you clear?

    We can clear most types of items including furniture; electrical equipment; fixtures and fittings; rubbish and waste; and general clutter. Let us know what you need clearing for a more accurate estimate.

  • What areas do you work in?

    We cover parts of London and Surrey.

  • How much does your clearance service cost?

    Our prices start from £35+VAT for single item collections, and clearance prices start from £95+VAT. All our prices are determined by volume, weight and load time, so each service estimate is custom.

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer a full range of clearance and probate services for domestic and commercial customers.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes, there is a 50% deposit required to confirm your booking. This is deducted from your final invoice.

  • Are you insured to carry out the work?

    We are insured to come and collect and dispose of any items (except items of harmful nature) from anywhere in your property. We are insured with public liability insurance. All our vehicles are insured to carry out the job and transfer waste.

  • Are you licensed to carry out the work?

    Yes. We are fully licensed as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency. Our license number is CBDU160449.

  • Can you move items from one location to another for me?

    No. Unfortunately we are only insured to clear, dispose and recycle items, and cannot provide a relocation service to any of our clients – domestic or commercial.

  • Do you buy items such as furniture?

    Yes, we do but however, there is little value in second-hand furniture. We try our best to offer you a reasonable price.

  • How do I contact you?

    Give us a call on 0800 033 7930 or send us an email to [email protected].

  • What are your operating times? And are you flexible?

    Our office is open Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00. Our operating times are Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00, Saturday, 09:00-14:00, and on Sunday by appointment only. Yes, we are flexible. If there are items that need to be cleared outside these hours, then please contact us so we can arrange a suitable time.

  • What do you do?

    Cullen’s Clearances provide clearance and disposal services for domestic and commercial customers throughout London, Surrey and the South East. Our speciality is house clearance, office clearance and general waste disposal.

  • What equipment do you come with?

    The teams carry the following items with them to the majority of jobs: a shovel, a broom, storage boxes, dust sheets, rubble bags, a vacuum cleaner, shoe covers, general tools, a sack trolley. For house clearances, office clearances and other strenuous manual labour work we also bring with us safety gear. For loft clearances, we bring ladders.

  • What is WEEE?

    WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It is a Government Directive which states that everyone has a responsibility to dispose of electrical and electronic equipment in the correct and in a safe manner. Additionally, the Directive also seeks to promote the policy of reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • What items do you clear, dispose of and recycle?

    We can clear the following items: Furniture, Bulky items and Pianos; WEEE (Computers, Printers etc); White Goods; Metals; Bric ‘a’ Brac; General Rubbish; Televisions; Sofas; Green Waste and Garden Refuse; and Builders Rubble and D.I.Y Rip Out. We, however, can not clear these items: Hazardous, Radioactive Chemicals and Materials; Gas Canisters and Flammable Liquids; and Asbestos.

  • What will you do with my rubbish?

    We do our utmost to reuse and recycle as much from your rubbish and unwanted goods as possible. We use a range of charities and good causes for resale. The remaining waste is broken down and taken to specialised recycling centres. We aim to recycle 95+% of your items. Usually, up to 5% of your waste actually goes to landfill.

  • Where are you based?

    We are based in both the London Borough of Sutton and London Borough of Merton. Ideal locations to reach all our customers across London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

  • Why can’t you give me an exact price over the phone?

    Our quotes are based on the amount and type of rubbish being removed. Until we see what is to be removed, we can’t give you an exact price. Once at the premises but before starting work, our team will review the items to be removed and provide you with a no obligation free estimate of how much the job will cost. Alternatively you could email us a picture of the rubbish and/or items so we can give you a more accurate estimate.

  • Why do you charge?

    Our team loads your junk into the van, clears up and takes it for sorting. We sort items for recycling, reuse or tipping. For recycling and tips, we are charged according to the weight of material disposed of. Our charges reflect the costs of doing all this and also the expense of employing staff, running a business and operating our vehicles.

  • Are you a registered Limited Company?

    Yes, Cullens Clearances Ltd is a Registered Limited Company, with the registration number 08114693.

  • Do you charge VAT and are you VAT Registered?

    Yes, Cullens Clearances Ltd charges VAT. Our VAT Registration number is 161320550.

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