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We're open, operating Contactless Clearances, and following Covid-19 guidance to keep you and our team safe →
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Keeping the kitchen clean whilst cooking

Whilst home cooked food is delicious, it can also be messy. Plenty of ingredients, lots of stirring related splashes and of course the mountain of washing up afterwards; it can all seem like too much hassle if you like to keep your kitchen nice and clean.

Fear not home chefs; Cullens Clearances are here to help. We believe that a clean kitchen doesn’t have to mean an unused kitchen so we have put together some great ways that you can clean up all the mess that those family dishes cause!

Start clean

Obvious we know, but making sure that you have cleaned up the kitchen before you start cooking will minimise the mess left when you are finished. This includes washing up (or unloading the dishwasher if you are lucky enough) and wiping down all the surfaces.

Have a bin ready

There is going to be rubbish, that’s for sure. Having a bin at hand will help minimise the mess that you create. If you recycle or compost then perhaps it would be a good idea to have separate bags for each type of waste, meaning that you can sort as you go.

Wipe it up

If it spills or splashes on the counter then wipe it up; something drops on the floor, pick it up. This will not only mean it doesn’t have time to stick but in the case of things on the floor there Is less chance that it will get trodden on.

Have the sink full

If you have a hot sink of soapy water ready then you can pop any bowls, pans or utensils into the water for soaking and washing up. This means that you can wash as you go, and it won’t have time to stick and go hard.

Find somewhere for your spoon

Resting your spoon on the counter top can lead to an unsightly mess; spoon rests can be just as messy. One of the best ideas is to fill a glass or jar with some warm water and pop your spoon in there. It takes up less counter space and also keeps the spoon clean too. A double whammy of cleanliness for you!

Put things away

At the start of any recipe, you will grab out all the ingredients and pop them on the counter ready to add to your dish. One great tip is to put them away as you go. Keeping all the ingredients out will mean that you will not only have more to clean up at the end but also put you at risk of adding the wrong thing to your meal!

Now we know that some of these tips might seem obvious but they are things that we all seem to forget when our brains are focused on the act of cooking. So next time you are preparing that delicious feast; make sure you remember the wise words from your friends at Cullens Clearances and keep your kitchen looking great.