Skip Hire Alternative: The Benefits

Picture the scene: you live in London and you have some junk cluttering up your home, or clogging up your garden and you just want to get it cleared.

You have two options.


The Skip Hire Option:

Flick through the Yellow Pages, locate one of the many companies offering skips and order a skip to be delivered. The Skip Hire company then needs to apply for a Council road permit if the skip needs to be placed on the road. The skip gets delivered when the company can deliver it to you, and you have 7 days to fill the skip yourself, according to the items allowed to be placed in the skip in their terms and conditions. You then have to contact the Skip Hire company to arrange a collection. The skip then travels to its warehouse or local tip where it disposes of all the junk.

How much will a Skip Hire company cost you? Approximately £180.00 for a 7 cubic yard skip.

How long will it take? At least 7 days.


Cullens Clearances Equivalent Option:

You contact a Clearance company, like Cullens Clearances, who can give you an instant quote for the items you want us to clear, dispose and recycle. We will arrange to come to you at a time convenient to you – select either of our two daily time slots, 7 days a week. Our uniformed staff then arrive on time, introduce themselves, locate the items you want removed and then start work. Once we have cleared the items correctly and swept the area after the work has been completed, we then organise payment or an invoice. Once we have said goodbye, the team then continue to our warehouse facility where we organise the items to be disposed and those that can be recycled. We make sure that we divert as many of the items from landfill as possible to save you money and to follow our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy pledge.

How much will Cullens Clearances will cost you? £165.00 for the equivalent to a 7 cubic yard skip.

How long will it take? 1 – 3 hours.


Your Choice:

As you can see a Clearance company, like Cullens Clearances, can save you…

‘Money’ – when using a Skip Hire Alternative we are more affordable.

Time’ – we clear all your items in a few hours, whereas a Skip Hire company will take at least 7 days to deliver and collect the skip.

‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ – we know just how much hard work and manual labour is involved in clearing junk, clutter and rubbish, so we do all the hard work for you.

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