Shoo fly, don’t bother me; our top fly prevention tips for the summer

Summer is a time that all of us Brits look forward to, a chance to transform our pasty bodies into golden temples, a time to relax in the warm air and spend quality time with our loved ones and best of all, the opportunity to crack out the BBQ.

But with the warmer weather there seems to be some rather unwelcome side effects too; and for many the most irritating has to be the appearance of flies.

These buzzy, seemingly mindless little insects take over our homes, gardens and picnics during the summer months and cane be more than just a little bit of a pest.

Which is why we have put together some top tips on how to prevent flies ruining your summer, some of which are easier than you might expect. 

Keep bins covered

Flies are not fussy when it comes to the state of their dinner, so make sure that even the mouldiest food is covered over; and that includes the composter and the bin.

Remove food sources

We all know that we should try to clean as we go; however, this is even more important in the summer when flies will just be buzzing about finding a tiny little crumb. To stop their temptation pop away any food that you are done with and make sure that you give your surfaces a good wipe down brushing away any crumbs. Also, don’t forget to rinse off dirty plates rather than leaving them hanging around.

Make a vinegar trap

When it comes to natural cleaning you can’t go far wrong with vinegar. But, not only is it a powerful cleaning and antibacterial agent, it also makes a rather effective trap for flies. This is particularly true if you are looking to arrange a picnic or BBQ. All you need to do is half fill a glass jar with apple cider vinegar, punch some holes in the lid (big enough for flies to get through) and wait for them to fall in! 

Put them off with lavender

Lavender is another natural product that can be a great weapon against those flying pests. Flies hate lavender, so why not try rubbing the oil on the doorways around your home to stop the flies from coming in. Best of all, lavender also has a calming and sleep-inducing property so it is ideal for bedrooms.

The good old fly screen

There comes a time when you will just have to resign yourself to the fact that a fly screen is going to be only way to go. These mesh screens will keep the air flowing but the flies out, they can be placed over doors and windows and can be removed during the winter months when the flies are not going to be causing you so much of a problem.

Say goodbye to those pests and do your best to have a beautiful and fly free summer!

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