A new green generation; how to get your kids interested in recycling

It seems like the children of today won’t remember a time when we didn’t recycle in some form; and this is certainly a great thing. Despite their knowledge of recycling, not many children are actively taking part in it which means that as they grow older they are less likely to recycle themselves.

How can we help to ensure that they not only understand how to recycle but why it is important to? Here are our top tips for building interest in recycle with your little ones.

Show them how it’s done

Much like other aspects of teaching your children, they learn best from example. Showing them that you take recycling seriously will somewhat “normalise” the idea to them and when they are adults themselves they will sort things without even thinking.

Make it fun

It is no secret that many children learn best when they have fun. This applies to recycling too.  Why not turn it into a game where a separate box is put out for each different type of recycling. It is then your child’s job to put them in the right place and if at the end of the week they are all sorted right then they can win a prize.

Compost together

For some children, there is nothing better than getting out in the garden and getting messy. That is why composting food is a great thing you can do together. Food waste is one of the biggest issues that we face at the moment and by teaching your children to not only minimise the food they waste but also better ways to dispose of it, you can help the next generation of recyclers.

Indulge in some crafty time

Recycling doesn’t have to mean taking things to a centre or having them picked up by the waste collectors. It can also refer to turning things that would otherwise be thrown away into something beautiful.

Washing up bottles make fantastic space rockets, cardboard boxes can be used to make robots or houses and foil can form the basis of a shiny helmet.

So rather than throwing away those bits of packaging why not grab the glue and see what you and your kids can create?

Recycling is key to green living; whether it is composting your food, finding a new purpose for those old boxes and bottles or perhaps just sorting out the cans from the paper it is something that you can ensure every member of the family gets involved with.

We love recycling almost as much as we love clearing out messy and cluttered homes. There is something satisfying about the knowledge that you are not only making your house nice and clear but that you are helping the environment too.

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