Diary Entry #4: Garden Clearance in Sutton

Cullen’s Team Diary Entry #4:

Our team were called by a couple in Sutton, Surrey to clear an overgrown garden. The team on arrival notice that the area was in need of a good sort through, and the customer urgently wanted us to start the work, as they were hosting an event at their property. We began by cutting down the over grown bushes and pulling the unwanted weeds up with the roots attached, in their place we created flower beds. As the customer needed some grass in their garden, we levelled the ground and laid some turf for the customer, going that extra mile, we gave the customer some tips to keep the garden in good order. In total, we transformed the customers garden, within 4 hours just in time for the event. The team came full equipped with all the tools need for the work and with over 30 years in the garden maintenance trade this job was done quickly and to the highest of standards.

This was a lovely day outside for the team. The couple rated our work very highly and gave us a five star rating. If you are looking for your garden or outdoor area to be cleared in the London, Surrey or the South East area then give us a call today for a free quote: 0800-033-7930.

Thanks for reading.

The Cullen’s Team.

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