Diary Entry #1: House Clearance in Westminster

Cullen’s Team Diary Entry #1:

The team were called to a house clearance in Westminster earlier today. The family were moving abroad and wanted the home cleared. The team were briefed and introduced ourselves to the family. We organised all the belongs before we started and over the rest of the day we loaded the items on to the van. The types of items we collected were: white appliances such as a fridge, a freezer and an oven; sofas and chairs; books and cds; lamps and furniture.

After sweeping the floors and tidying the house, the team packed up the van and talked with the customer to check over the job. After receiving the nod for the work we had done, we gave them the invoice and asked the customer to review our work online.

The first step on our journey back from the client was to our recycling centre. The team here at Cullen’s believes in reducing waste that goes to landfill so that we help protect the environment. We sorted all the items for recycling and then sorted the left over waste which could offer no other use was delivered to the waste depot.

This was another successful house clearance for the team and a job well done! If you are looking for your home to be cleared in the London, Surrey or the South East area then give us a call today for a free quote: 0800-033-7930.

Thanks for reading.

The Cullen’s Team.

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