Checkatrade Approved

This week we have joined the Checkatrade family of approved and vetted businesses. Working in the Clearance industry we know that our business is based on reputation and trust. That is why new customers hire us and returning customers always return. So by joining the Checkatrade family of approved and vetted businesses we can ensure the independence of our reviews.

In the past we used a company called FreeIndex so that customers could leave impartial and independent reviews of our company and service. However, we have noticed that this is open to abuse from other companies in our industry – who were leaving falsified reviews of our services inorder to tarnish our reputation. Now with Checkatrade we give the customer a booklet which they can send in to Checkatrade and they post the review on an freestanding site. This means that all the reviews are 100% direct from our customers – good for our customers and good for our growing reputation.

In the coming weeks we will be phasing over to our new Checkatrade review site in place of the current FreeIndex site.

Thank you,
Derrick Cullen – Managing Director of Cullen’s Clearances Ltd.

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