We're open, operating Contactless Clearances, and following Covid-19 guidance to keep you and our team safe →
We're open, operating Contactless Clearances, and following Covid-19 guidance to keep you and our team safe →
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Our top 3 tips to help you Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Being in the Clearance industry we have seen people chuck away just about everything from live grenades to blow up chickens. So we thought we would give our top 3 tips on how to help you reduce, reuse and recycle – after all why waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Tip 1) Reducing the amount of food you throw away. On average as a country, we throw away £10 billion worth of food each year in to black bin bags. This waste then goes to landfills, decomposes and release CO2 and other green house gases in to the air.

Where to start? How about trying to recycle or compost the excess food. This would be a greener way to help the planet and also reduce the amount of artificial fertilisers we use.

How to fix it? The best way, however, is to shrink our portion sizes so that we do not throw food away. Some of us, namely one of our House Clearance van drivers, have eyes which are bigger than their bellies.

Tip 2) Buy a bag for life (and more importantly, remember to use it!). Plastic carrier bags, one day soon, will present us with a terrible ecological problem. In the Pacific Ocean, for example, there are stretches of the Ocean and beach which are clogged with plastic. It is not a pretty site.

Where to start? Cut down on the number of plastic bags you use. If you double-bag, try not to.

How to fix it? The best way, we suggest, would be to buy a cotton bag for life and remember to use it.

Tip 3) We live in a throw away society, so please do not just throw away something which someone else could make use of. When we clear houses, we collect a lot of items which we then sort and deliver to charity shops. This way, the landfill is a little emptier, someone can buy the item from a charity shop, and a charity can make a few pounds for its good cause.

Where to start? Think, do I need this? Think, do I want this? Think, can I afford this? and Think, can I make do?

How to fix it? The best way, we think, is when you actually decide to get rid of rubbish and clutter in your home, to actually take the items to a charity shop, or call us to clear the items and we, as standard, implement our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy to cut your costs and cut waste.

Thank you for reading through our top 3 tips. We understand that these are BIG tips and in some cases only a lifestyle change could make these work effectively, but we will continue to promote our ethical and environmental messages for both the good of our customers and their costs.