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The cleaning hacks that everyone should know

Here at Cullens Clearances, we know that cleaning your home isn’t always the most exciting of jobs to do. However, it is something that is necessary for us all to do from time to time.

So what if there were easier ways to get your house squeaky clean? We have a secret for you….there is!

Sometimes you don’t need to buy the most expensive products or put in a huge amount of elbow grease to get your home sparkling; instead you just need to know the clever cleaning hacks that can make a difference.

Dirty fridge? Raid the food cupboard

With all the food that goes in and out of it, the fridge is often an area that needs a good old spruce up. If you want a natural and effective way to clean up your fridge, then you might be surprised to find out that salt and soda water might just be the perfect combination.

The bubbles in the soda water is perfectly complimented by the abrasive nature of the salt, making the ideal cleaner for getting rid of even the hardest of stains.

Give the taps a soak

Limescale build up in your bathroom is a pain. It not only looks awful but it can be tricky to get rid of. There are a variety of different cleaners in the market that claim to target this area in particular, but you might find that vinegar will do just as well.

Lay kitchen towel around the faucet, soak it with standard household vinegar and leave it for an hour. It won’t remove them completely, but it will make the build-up all the easier to remove.

Refresh those curtains

Dust can gather around a variety of places in the home, one of those being your curtains. Want to give them a bit of a spruce without having to wash and dry them. Pop them in the dryer on the refresh cycle along with a wet towel for 15 minutes. The towel will draw out the dust and the refresh cycle will just give them a new lease of life.

Spinning dust? Time to clean off those ceiling fans

We often forget about ceiling fans, especially when they are out of sight. Despite this, they should still be cleaned regularly. The best way to clean the blades is to cover them with a liberal coat of furniture polish. Once you have wiped off the excess you can lightly buff the blades, leaving them sparkling and clean!

Blankets smelling a bit stale? You don’t need to wash them

After a winter of snuggling up on the sofa or in bed; the throws and blankets that give us warmth and comfort can get stale during those cold months. Rather than popping them all in the washing machine, if they are not dirty then they can instead be hung outside for a day in the fresh air to get them selling like new!

Keeping on top of your everyday household chores is the best way to ensure that you don’t need the services of a home clearance company. But if you do need a helping hand then we at Cullens House Clearance are here for you.