Awesome upcycling ideas

What do you know about upcycling? The chances are you are aware of the basics but perhaps don’t know how you can actually apply it to everyday life.

Upcycling is the process of using “useless” or waste products to create something better. It seems to be a hobby for those who love DIY and craft projects; however, the truth is, no matter how creative you are (or you aren’t) the world of upcycling might just be for you.

To showcase just how amazing upcycling can be, here at Cullens we have put together some of the upcycling ideas we have seen from around the world. Hopefully they give you the inspiration to get out there and repurpose some of the junk that is lying around your home!

Using folding chairs as a makeshift closet and shelf

Do you have some folding chairs in your home that currently are not being used? If you do, then you might be surprised to hear that they can be used to store clothes. Simply hammer in some nails into the wall and then you can hang the chair from the nails unfolded and out as you would if you were going to sit on it.

On the seat part you can place a light box, perhaps full of socks or ties and then from the lower rail on the legs you can hang shirts etc. Best of all, if you have any surprise guests the chairs can be removed from the wall and used for their original purpose!

Old book shelves

By this we don’t mean a shelf for your old books; instead we mean that you can use old books as the shelves themselves. Simply attach brackets to the wall and then place a thick, sturdy, hardcover book on top. You can then pop small items on the book such as candles; making a unique and interesting focal point in your home.

Messy cords? Loo roll can help

Do you store electrical items away only to find that the cables have become entwined and tangled in the box? It is possibly one of the most frustrating things! Help keep cables tidy whilst they are in the box by coiling them up in an old toilet roll centre; this will keep it away from the other cables and stop the need for unknotting them when you need to use it.

Bath tub couch

Have you recently had your bathroom refreshed and wondering what to do with your old tub? If it is in good condition, then why not cut it in half and use it as a sofa instead. All you need to do is pop a cushion or two in the bath and legs underneath (if it doesn’t already have them) and you have a fully functioning place to sit!

These are just some of the ideas that you can put in place to create beautiful upcycled looks in your home. Why not look around at the things that you class as junk and see if they can be used somewhere else in your home?

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